I do not understand Smeagol

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NIKON D70 - 1/50 sec, f5.6 at 48mm

I don't understand why Smeagol led the hobbits all that way across the South Island of New Zealand to deliver the ring and then at the last instant died trying to take it? Why did he lead them to the right place? Why didn't he lead them somewhere else and then take the Ring. What a waste? This has been playing on my mind for weeks.

I couldn't go 2 days runnuing without posting something. And I couldn't go photographing the rally and not post a photo from it. Given the shutter speed and the speed of the car this is as good as I could do. Even though I yelled at the bugger to come back so I could have another go, he just kept on driving. The prick!

Oh, and it's red, so does another job of balancing the colors that I shoot.

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Posted: Friday, 17 June, 2005 18:08

Captured: 2005:06:11 08:20:42

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  • What do you want? - The photo looks great It has style and delivers exactly what a race photo should: The feeling of speed and a decent good-looking german car ;)
    Stefan - Friday, 17 June, 2005 19:16
  • Off-topic (?): You could consider adding some sort of http://creativecommons.org/ - licence for these pictures..
    Stefan - Friday, 17 June, 2005 19:19
  • Hi Stefan! Thanks for the comments. I guess you are right. This shot is growing on me! I've never thought about a Creative Commons License before. I've always thought it was for beatniks and not for me. However I shall consult with my creative expert and consider his advice.
    Dave - Friday, 17 June, 2005 19:52

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