I've watched the flashing cursor for 15 minutes

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NIKON D70 - 1/6 sec, f16 at 62mm

I can't think of anything write.

WTF? I haven't had a photo for 3 months, but now that I have one, I can't think of anything to go with it.

I wonder if LSD would help?

The Photo

Was all action sailing tonight in 20 knots of wind on 44 Magnum. We collided with another yacht on the start line. That resulted in lots of yelling at each other. Far too many tacks up the harbor. Lots more yelling every time we crossed said other boat. Then an amateur crew (us) couldn't pick the lay line on both marks even if somebody had painted it on the sea for us, so half a dozen more tacks required.

But the trip back down the harbor was easy, so I got the camera out.

Map of the photo location
Post Meta

Posted: Wednesday, 26 March, 2008 22:07

Captured: 2008:03:26 18:30:40

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  • You should have counted the number of times it blinked until your mind wandered. Sounds like the sailing tonight was quite an adventure.
    Scott - Wednesday, 26 March, 2008 22:12
  • Btw, grats on photo 400!
    Scott - Wednesday, 26 March, 2008 22:13
  • Congrats too early. This is only photo 394. Over the years I've deleted 6 posts, so still only 394 published photos. At this rate it's going to take all of 2008 to get those last 6 done.
    Dave - Wednesday, 26 March, 2008 22:17
  • whoa. intense photo! You've made the city look like some kind of apocalyptic hell. ... Wait.. IT IS! :P m/
    mike - Friday, 28 March, 2008 9:13
  • Nice photograph Dave. Was that hand held, or lying on the deck or something? G/
    Glen - Monday, 31 March, 2008 12:20
  • Nearly another month...sarcarm from across the ditch, but are we attempting to top the last interval between images? I have been to the LOTLWC many times, its a photographic paradise!
    ROB - Sunday, 20 April, 2008 1:08
  • Time
    Rik Fothergill - Saturday, 26 April, 2008 18:26

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