Petrol was $1.59 a litre back in Sept 2005

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Trees surrounding a golf green all in mist

NIKON D70 - 1/350 sec, f5.6 at 36mm

I was reading an old post where I recorded the price of fuel back in 2005 - $1.59. We saw it at $3.15 a litre yesterday. Me surmising that if petrol goes up there will be fewer cars on the road has proved not to be the case, given the price of petrol has doubled since 2005 and there is still too many cars on the road.

The Photo
I got up real early because the forecast was for fog and I had in mind some photos of the city from Mt Victoria. There was no fog. But I did get this photo of the Waitemata Golf Club with perhaps a little fog.

Map of the photo location
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Posted: Saturday, 14 May, 2022 15:23

Captured: 2022:05:08 06:54:53

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